Shirubaa is one of the fastest growing innovative IT consulting company, founded in 2011 to deliver end-to-end information technology services and solutions to Fortune 1000 Company. We are committed to providing our clients with industries top expertise and superior service.


209 E. Java Dr Unit # 60413
Sunnyvale, CA 94088

Cloud Integeration

Shirubaa provides the exceptional Cloud computing credentials Sysops, DevOps, Virtual Networking and Enterprise Security. Building and integrating each of the infrastructure tiers, helping you establish standards for ease of deployment, implementing dashboards and reporting for proactive management and scalability, establishing robust security for your data and applications. Our IT staff can continue to focus on the more important Application code-development aspects of your business. We also have extensive project. Our service also provide the cloud computing environment from virtualization to deployment of the private, public or hybrid cloud environment that is right for your organization.

Our Expertise

Amazon web services

Cloud native applications

VMware cloud technologies

Microsoft Azure

Google cloud platform

If you have the above skillset and looking for a job in the field
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